Business Support


The Bloomfield Center Alliance (BCA) is Here to Help

Bloomfield's business culture is unique and uniquely reflective of the values held by the broader community; and that emphasis helped attract the kind of businesses and entrepreneurs who want to set up in Bloomfield.

Bloomfield Center Alliance (BCA) is committed to helping you establish, maintain and grow your business. If you are looking to relocate in Bloomfield, check here for available properties. We also provide necessary tools and contacts for opening a business, including market research and local survey data to support business decisions for marketing and operations.

Bloomfield Center Alliance also produces promotional programs and cultural events throughout the year, all designed to create a buzz and bring shoppers downtown.

You are welcome to visit our offices at 330 Glenwood Ave. Suite 208. We would be happy to show you around town, introduce you to some of our merchants and see for yourself all that is happening here.

BCA Programs & Announcements