Pop-up Art Gallery


July 28th Artists 78 Washington St. Bloomfield Center Steve Ujean Anna Castelo Danielle Purificato Liz Lizardy Kelvis Polanco We asked artist, Danielle Purificato what inspires her art work. "I only started painting about 4 years ago. The medium I use is acrylic. It's an escape for me. I never have a specific piece in mind. I paint intuitively and just let my spirit take over. I love people to feel as if they can escape into my paintings. As if they can walk right into them and get lost. Some of the paintings that are most special to me are the pet memorials." Danielle Purificato The BCA acknowledges the ongoing support of Bloomfield Township and expresses a very special thanks to Cedar Realty Trust who owns and manages The Shops at Bloomfield Station. They have provided access to the commercial space in order to accommodate the pop-up gallery, The hours are 6 -9 PM.