Bloomfield Center's First Tiny Tree Competition - BIG Winner!!!


For the seventh year the Bloomfield Center Alliance (BCA) challenged the businesses in Bloomfield Center to compete in a holiday themed design contest. This year there was an exciting twist. Instead of the usual window design, each business was given a 4ft tree and told to decorate it in a way that best represented their business or culture. Seven businesses accepted the challenge, and the designs were better than we imagined.

Votes were counted based on the number of "likes" the photos of each tiny tree received on BCA's Facebook and Instagram platforms. This year OVER 1,000 people voted.

Along with bragging rights, the winner receives a custom engraved plaque to proudly display inside their business. After a week of intense voting the winner was Sugaring NYC, a new business we welcomed to the downtown earlier this year. Rare Breed MMA was our runner up, and Level Up Urgent Care rounded out the top three.

Commenting on the victory, Sugaring NYC owner Felicia Williams states,

"Thank you to everyone who voted for me and everyone who took the time to support and vote for small businesses. It's never about the competition, but more about our commonalities. We are in this journey together. Thanks to Bloomfield Center Alliance for hosting this competition and shedding some light to the many small businesses here in Bloomfield."

Other participating businesses included - So Juicy, Q'enko Organic Cuisine, Bloomfield Steak & Seafood, and Provident Bank. To view a photo gallery of all the decorated trees, click here.

The idea to switch from a window display competition to tree decorating was the work of Bloomfield Center Alliance Event Marketing and Social Media Coordinator, SaKarra Fite. "I am not surprised that the trees were so impressive, they reflect the wonderfully impressive businesses that make up our vibrant downtown", shares Fite. "Next year I want more participants, more votes, and fresh ideas. Bloom is literally in our name, so it only makes sense that we continue to strive for more, grow, and work together as a community to make something beautiful."

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