State funding helps BCA make a few enhancements in downtown district!


Thanks to a grant program offered by the State of New Jersey's Main Street New Jersey Office, the Bloomfield Center Alliance has added a few things to the downtown's streetscape that is helping to beautify the town's primary business district.  Earlier this summer, it purchased and installed brackets and flowering plants on sixteen (16) pedestrian light poles located along the blocks of Broad Street, Glenwood Avenue, and Washington Street.  The white, red, and pink flowers were in place in June and many lasted through the fall and early winter.  The hanging planters will be a recurring annual addition to the downtown streetscape helping to beautify Bloomfield Center.   

More recently, the grant program enabled the organization to purchase twelve (12) new black metal trash receptacles which are now deployed at key locations in the district.  The new cans served to either replace a damaged receptacle or be placed at a key corner or crosswalk that previously did not have one.  In addition the organization secured thirty (30) blue, gold, and green branded decals displaying the Bloomfield Center name and a request to "Please Keep Bloomfield Center in Bloom!"   The decals (and its message) are now displayed on receptacles located around the district's busiest corridors - primarily the Six Points intersection, and the first blocks of Glenwood Avenue and Broad Street.  

"We are grateful to the State of New Jersey for making resources like their Main Street New Jersey Transformation Grant Program available to business improvement districts like ours," said Ollyn J. Lettman, Director of the Bloomfield Center Alliance.  "The funds we receive from this initiative gives us the opportunity to make noticeable enhancements that can help attract new businesses and investment to our downtown district."  The organization will also be using the program to purchase custom designed pole banners  that are being created with the help of faculty at Bloomfield College's Creative Arts Department.    The new banners will be installed on light poles around the downtown in the spring of 2023.   

Receptacle with Decal at corner of Bloomfield Avenue and Broad Street
New hanging flower basket on Washington Street