Let's Come Together as a Community to Help Our Local Businesses Recover!


Bloomfield Center Hurricane Ida Relief Fund

If you took a walk in Bloomfield Center on September 2nd you may have noticed over a dozen "Sorry, We're Closed" signs.  Like many other New Jersey towns, Bloomfield was hit hard by tropical storm Ida, leaving some business owners with thousands of dollars in lost inventory and supplies.

We here at the Bloomfield Center Alliance believe in the power of community and the importance of helping when your neighbor is in need. Many of our downtown shops and restaurants had difficulty reopening after the storm due to water damaged basements and ruined equipment. Every dollar donated to the "Bloomfield Center Businesses- Ida Relief Fund" brings us closer to relief for our local shop owners; allowing all of us to dine at our favorite restaurants, buy from our local retailers, and explore more of our downtown. 

We appreciate your continued support. Please share our message and join us in restoring our town. 

No amount is too small, it's about making a difference together!

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