BCA Welcomes Richard Capers


Richard Capers heard about the opening of a Ambassador's position at BCA while he was working with the Montclair Center Business Improvement District on a part-time basis. The Director there heard about the opening and recommended Richard who was seeking full-time work. He started working at the BCA on August 5th and we are very happy to have him join us as one of our Clean Team Ambassadors. Since coming on Board, Richard says he enjoys working with the other members of his team. As he puts it, "Communication is key when you have such a large area to cover. By working together, we can help the center grow and prosper." Richard is very excited to be part of the changes taking place around Bloomfield Center. Hoping that local residents will come and support the new businesses because they ". . . play a huge part in Bloomfield Centers continued success," Richard adds We need the new stores to thrive with loyal clients & customers. He vows to keep the center clean and welcoming for all the new faces as well as the familiar ones. Everyone at the BCA join Richard in feeling a lot of excitement about the downtown's future.