"Get Down With Our Downtown" Bloomfield+Pilates = Success


Let me preface this blog by saying. I. feel. fantastic. By no means whatsoever am I a fitness aficionado. However, I have always enjoyed staying active and finding new and interesting ways of doing so. Hamster- wheeling treadmill cardio is not my thing, and the older I get the more everything seems to hurt. So, when the first-ever Pilates studio opened in our Bloomfield Center Downtown District I was excited to try it out - for my first-time ever. Pre-pilates class... My nerves set in... The dreaded what ifs... What if it's too hard? What if I can't keep up? What if I'm too uncoordinated? What if I get stuck? What if, what if, what if. Stop it, brain. Just walk in and try it, body. First impression, the studio at 293 Glenwood Ave smells fantastic. Crisp white walls, well lit space and all super clean and tidy. And I am greeted with smiles. Ahh, OK nerves soothed... The owners, Andrew and Tracy, a husband and wife team are proud Bloomfield residents with a pretty incredible (but not so suitable for said blog) story. Ask about her super hero mom powers and I'm sure she will gladly fill you all in. "She is the face I am the back office," says Andrew. Tracy, is a former buyer for Vitamin Shoppe and certified in all things pilates. It's clear she knows her stuff. I look over the padded movable platform machine with all sorts of bars and ropes and springs and tracks. "It's called a reformer" she says. Oh, sounds not intimidating at all - I reply in my head semi sarcastically. All I can think is. I am definitely going to get stuck. At some point or another. She is calm and confident. Guides you through every move and adjusts to your comfort level. A personalized pilates experience fueled by her knowledge, passion and expertise. My joints snap, crackle and pop their way through the half hour trial class. And, I didn't get stuck. Not even once. Post-pilates, admittedly this is the first workout in years that has made me feel healed after it's over. Invigorated and free of any aches and pains. Stretching and bending parts I forgot I even had felt like reacquainting with and old friend you thought you lost forever. "Add Pilates to your life" - all pun intended. Go to for additional info, a full class schedule and click this coupon for special rates. Visit 293 Glenwood Ave Bloomfield,NJ 07003 on Fridays for free trial classes 3:15 - 3:45pm. Now it's time for dinner. I've earned it. If you would like your BCA business featured in our "Get Down With Our Downtown" segment, please contact Angela @ 973.429.8050 or email Please read, share and subscribe.

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