The Wooden Spoon - Dueling Pianos

What is Dueling Pianos you ask? Well we have two amazing pianist who will be in the center of our upstairs dining room. You and your friends and whole bunch of other families and groups of friends will be sitting around these two pianists. There will be little slips of paper and writing utensils on your table upon arrival. You will take these and write down songs you want to hear them play and sing, fold it up and throw it at them. Yes throw it at them...okay well maybe not AT them but on top of their pianos (keyboards). Hopefully with a dollar or two in it every now and then. (Now yes we pay them but just like your servers they deserve a tip too.) They will randomly grab these slips of paper and play the song on it, if they know it. Now lets say you hate the song their playing or youre just impatient and want to hear your song right now! You would get up and have something worth it (maybe something with Alexander Hamilton on it?) and put that down with your slip and tell them to stop and play your song. Then your wish is their command. This is Dueling Pianos. So now that you know how much fun you can have give us a call and make a reservation to make sure you can actually get in


NOV 7, 2017