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The Bloomfield Center Special Improvement District ("SID") was created by local ordinance in June 2001 and is comprised of 234 commercial properties. The owners of these commercial properties contribute an additional 6% assessment over their regular municipal taxes towards supplemental programs including Capital Programs, Marketing, Design and Operations. Residential properties in the District are exempt. An annual budget is proposed and presented by the BCA Board to the Township Council each January for approval of these programs that are specifically designed to enhance and revitalize business and retail interest in Bloomfield Center.

General Docs & Tips

Bloomfield Center Revitalization Report 2000
The project's mission was to understand current conditions in the Bloomfield Center study area and recommend improvements.

2010 Census Profile for Bloomfield Center
Census data for Bloomfield Center

Bloomfield Center Income and Demographic Info_2014
Income and Demographic information for Bloomfield Center

Bloomfield Center Market Leakage
"Leakage" describes under-served categories market categories

Bloomfield Center Traffic Counts
Bloomfield Center is served by Bloomfield Avenue, and is right off GSP, exit 148

Bloomfield Center Lifestyle & Demographic Overview
ESRI provides lifestyle information for businesses and marketers

Bloomfield Center SID Map
Map of Bloomfield Center Special Improvement District

Bloomfield Center Demographic and Income Information_2019
Demographic and Income information for Bloomfield Center

Bloomfield Center Retail Demand Outlook_2019
Report outlining the market demand for retail goods and services in Bloomfield Center.

BCA By-laws

BCA Board of Trustee Minutes. NOTE: Minutes prior to 2011 are available upon request. Minutes are not posted until after they have been approved (generally at the following month's meeting)